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Welcome to Themely, a platform for creatives to share their content and creations.

Well that’s not new you might think? And you are correct, there are endless other sites that does this, so what and why set up another one? Short answer? We want to focus specifically on themes and designs for apps that are not too common.

To start with we are mainly focusing on Sensorpanels and resources for AIDA64. Currently the largest resource for finding new sensorpanels are the official AIDA64 forums, and dont get me wrong, we love the forum and community they have. But browsing trough 300+ forum pages with comments and quotes is kind of jarring and you might miss out on some really cool sensorpanels and resources.

If you have any suggestions on applications, features, categories, or any feedback at all please contact us

So we wanted a place to not only share our own panels in an organized way, but also let other creators share their sensorpanels and resources. And we also want to enable creators take a small fee for their creations if the want to.

There are a lot of awesome and talented designers out there making great looking sensorpanels and share them for free. But what if they want to share them with ea. the source files so you can make your own changes? Or what if they are willing to take on custom designs?

We want to enable all this and more with our site.

But do i have to register? No, to download free uploads you don’t have to register. But if you want to buy a resource, report a listing, message a creator, get updates on new version and have an overview and easy access to your downloads and favorite’s you will need to register an account.

User Dashboard

You will also need to register an account if you want to upload and share your designs and files. You choose if you want to share them for free or if you want to take a small fee for your item.

Creator Dashboard

We are currently doing a “soft launch” where we will upload our own creations to get some content on the site and we have not yet promoted the site anywhere, so good on you for finding us.

We will be posting some more about the different features in the coming days, in the meantime you can take a look on our FAQ and browse around the site.

If you want to register and share your creations, you are more than welcome to do that.

We will update the blog with more posts in the coming weeks so keep an eye out.


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