The road ahead

Thank you!

First of all, a big thank you to all of you who reported download errors.
Thanks to that we were able to (hopefully) find the issue causing the “Security check not passed” message and fix it. This is one of the reasons we haven’t really “gone public” with the site yet. We have now made some changes and we hope that fixed the issue, but if you are still getting the error trying to download files, logged in or not, please contact us so we can take a look.

We have been holding back “launching” the site to the masses trying to sort out the bugs and figuring stuff out. We’ll talk more about it further in this post.

Current state!

Currently our main focus is publishing and focusing on AIDA64 Sensorpanels. Why? There really aren’t any resources for finding and downloading sensorpanels other than the official AIDA64 forums. And just to have it clear, we are in no way, whatsoever, affiliated with FinalWire Ltd. the company behind AIDA64. This is a community / fan / user, curated and driven site. And we hope to expand to other apps in the future.

We have, as mentioned, held back on “launching” the site to the “general” public since we are using a system that we wanted to test out beforehand. Our site is built upon WordPress and a custom theme with the features we need.

We have looked into other solutions, especially during the past few weeks when the errors started appearing, but we still want to give it a go with the system we have setup now. And now that we have sorted and figured out what triggered the error, we hope we can move forward with our current setup.

Some stats

Currently we have 38 users and 4 creators registered at the site. We really hope we get more creators to register, especially now that most of the baby steps are sorted, to register at the site. We are happy with our current numbers, as a big launch would have been way worse considering the issues we have had.

We also don’t require visitors to sign up to download free items. And that said we are happy with our current numbers. We have had way many more visitors, more than 800 have visited the page since posting downloads and at least one creator has taken the chance and posted their creation to our site.


So, the future… Now that we hopefully have sorted out most of the bugs and errors, we can finally move forward with THEMELY. We want to create a simple and effective place to find your themes, for different applications it be AIDA64 or any other app with their custom theme.

We know there are a lot of other places to find themes. You can often visit official forums, deviantart, or just use google to find resources. But we want to cover apps that are not too good represented on other sites. There are not too many results on AIDA64 on deviantart to give an example.

With that said, we want to give creators the option to also make some return on their creations. Free items will always be the main point, but if a creator want to let’s say sell their source files, we want to facilitate that as easy as possible. We know a creator can setup their own site, sell their source files and support services through that or other services, but this is not for everyone, and it can be a hassle.


As a creator you can share your items for free or take a fee for your downloads. You can extra services like extra customization or support for your items, and it’s all up to you what you want to charge. You can also have your own listing for custom services, so we encourage you to take a look at that.

Currently, we can only offer withdrawals from payments. That means that a visitor pays THEMELY.DEV and we register what item and creator the payment was made to and you, the creator has to request a withdrawal to get paid. Why? Well, PayPal have made changes to make direct payments harder, and there aren’t too many payment solutions offering direct payments through a system that is widely support and recognized. At the current time we are offering both PayPal and Stripe payments.

So, the flow is as follows; Visitor / User buy a resource -> gets the payment and it is registered to the creator. The creator gets a message and an overview of their current balance and can withdraw any amount they have in their balance to their PayPal / Stripe account. Again, we are looking into solutions for making a direct payment and currently it seems like only STRIPE supports this. STIPE is not supported all over the world, so we need some more time to figure this out.

Users / Visitors

If you choose to register, you will become a user. We are looking into enabling social logins, so you can use use your google / Facebook account to register / login. But you don’t have to have an account to download free items. Free is free no matter what.

But if you register an account, you get more options, you can mark favorites, contact creators and get a broader access to the site than someone that just visits to download. If you want to buy something you will need to register on the site. We do not offer “guest” checkout.


We are working on it!

We want to create a site where both creators and users of various app themes can find what they are looking for. And facilitate creators sharing their items for either free or for a fee. Visitors will always be able to download free items without having to register an account.

In the upcoming months we will publish more created AIDA64 sensorpanels and we hope we can open “open” up for more apps

Thanks again to all of you that reported errors in the past month, and we are looking forward now.


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